CW #15

Posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 12:00 pm


Constructing Weather #15 from lphinney on Vimeo.

Constructing Weather #15

A solar-reactive outdoor dining space enclosed by triangulated fabric systems and extending from an existing scaffolding system on the house. The design is derived from a solar diagram that describes and reacts to incident angles and reflections from water in the adjacent basin. A series of three suspended panelized fabric systems creates a microclimate reactive to solar energy in order to cool using shade fabric in summer months and heat a slate surface using reflective properties of water and fabric in winter months.

CW #15.1 – Triangulated Shade Canopy
CW #15.2 – Operable Shade Truss
CW #15.3 – Reflective Canopy “The Leviathan”

The parametric diagram describes a seasonally conditioned microclimate as a literal diagram of the solar cycle.

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