Fog Structure
Parametric Vine Wall
Exoskeletal Urbanism at Charles North Neighborhood | Baltimore
Theories of Parametric Design
Notes on Ethical Context for Fragmentation
Virginia Wood Flows
CW #15
Inhabiting Liminal Landscape
CW #14.2 | Operable Shade Truss Mock Up
CW #14.3 | Reflective Canopy Mock Up
CW #11 | Dock Canopy
CW #10 | EL Frog Wall
CW #9 | EL Prototype
CW #6 | Reflective Panel
CW #3 | House Series | Hypostyle Garden
CW #2 | House Series | Fish Basin & South Enclosure
CW #1 | House Series | Mountain Façade
Batesville Landform
Constructing Weather in the Lunar Landscape
Roof Water System
Green Roof
Batesville Water Flow
Project Albemarle
Reinventing the Urban River
Water Ecology Matrix
Urban Infrastructure for the Broadmoor Neighborhood
Urban Infrastructure
Broadmoor Neighborhood Flood Mitigation